RESPONSIVE MANAGEMENT AUSTRALIA is a professional human resource development consultancy company based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Our purpose is to develop people potential within organisations to be responsive to clients - internal and external - and responsive to an ever-changing workplace environment, thus contributing positively to organisational productivity and success.

We firmly believe that the most valuable asset of any organisation is its human resources.

The complexity of "human nature" itself ensures the complexity of managing human resources in the workplace. Most managers would readily agree that 'people issues' in the workplace present them with their most difficult challenges.

The role of our professional consultants is to partner with and support human resource and management professionals to develop learning and development strategies and solutions to address 'people' challenges and build the human potential within their organisations.

Why Employ the Services of a Human Resource Development Consultant?

Some of the main reasons our diverse client group employ our services are:

  • our expertise in education and learning design which focuses on practical outcomes and maximises transfer of learning back to the workplace;
  • our level of experience in group process and facilitation;
  • our expertise in coaching and skill development - particularly in interpersonal communication, leadership, customer service, managing conflict and difficult behaviours and coaching and mentoring ;
  • our specialist expertise in specific human resource issues such as performance management, third party mediation, selection and recruitment and risk management;
  • our committment to being responsive to, and meeting individual client needs.



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