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... to another edition of our free newsletter. This time we are focusing on Team Building and Team Development and the the essential role that effective team work plays in the learning organisation of today.

Hope you find it useful.

Ron Adie
Principal Consultant


ABC's Radio National Program Life Matters with Julie McCrossin recently featured Emotional Intelligence Training. She proposed

"Emotional Intelligence (EI) training is an in-vogue way of addressing anger and other relationship issues in the workplace. But there is debate about whether the burgeoning EI training industry can actually change employees' EI. Can emotional intelligence be taught?"

Life Matters, Radio National 26/8/04

What do you think ?

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Some Communication trends in business ...

  • 64% of staff often don't believe their senior managers  

(Source: Council of Communication Management, US)

  • 55% of staff say the relevance of information they receive has worsened

(Source: Institute of Management, UK)

  • Less than 50% of employees know their company's objectives  

(Source: Market and Opinion Research International)


Team Building – Still a Need, and a Special Training and Development Opportunity

It is extremely interesting to look back on the many organisational development strategies that have emerged over the past forty or fifty years, and to note that most have come and gone.  Useful for a while maybe, but essentially replaced by others.

Yet there is a clear exception, and that is the strategy we call team building – changing groups into teams so that those twin interactive outcomes of the maintenance and development of quality team member relationships, and improved productivity emerge.

At Responsive Management Australia, we have made a real specialty of consulting with clients, being told of their team building needs, and then designing tailor-made training and development workshops for them.  Even in the past four months, we have designed and presented six new workshops for different groups within one client organisation.

If you reflect on it for just a few moments, a great variety of team building needs exist and hence the need for a variety of training programs and and other team development opportunities.  Consider these that we have designed and presented:

  • “Open Communication and Teamwork”, where we have endeavoured to improve team member interaction, to manage conflict and to set productive goals.
  • “Moving On ..”, where we assisted an intact small team to start again with new vigour after a period of conflict and disintegration arising from destructive leadership and demotivation.
  • “Team Building for the Team Builders” where we provided a range of specific team building models and skills, and associated them with activities that participants could use with their own groups.
  • “Flying High” where we used the program to celebrate team achievements and saw them embarking on further journeys to attempt even greater outcomes.
  • “Developing High Impact Teams” where we trained the participants in firstly understanding several reputable team development models (phase models and continuous ones), and then applying them in the workplace to establish high performance teams.
  • “Participation Skills” where we provided theory and practice to enable executive staff to conduct, and participate in, staff and other meetings that worked as a team and made effective decisions.

And there have been numerous others.

We are also accredited to conduct Team Management Profiles – a Team Management Systems (Margerison & McCann) assessment tool used to identify individual and team work preferences enabling team members to identify strengths and deficits and can lead to enhanced teamwork.

eambuilding has certainly stood the test of time and multiple applications, but central to it are important outcomes such as

  • Enhanced communication
  • Trust building
  • Power sharing
  • Goal determination
  • Conflict management
  • Cooperation and reduced competition
  • Use an development of team member skills, and
  • Shared responsibility and interdependence

... all necessary to become a successful learning organisation.

If you are a team manager, or a team member, how do you work with these concepts and skills in your workplace?

Ron Adie

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Ingredients for a 'Dream Team'

The following is a summary of the ingredients necessary for building a 'Dream Team' compiled from three different articles.

A task focus

  • Clear and challenging goals and  objectives
  • Measurements and indicators of  performance

Decision making

  • Authentic participation and  collaboration
  • Seeks consensus

Good interpersonal relations

  • Honesty and openness
  • Trust and respect
  • Care for each other

Positive team norms

  • Encourages innovation, risk taking and  constructive change
  • Empowerment
  • Sets ground rules
  • Has a special identity

High motivation

  • Effective and supportive leadership
  • Meaningful recognition and rewards

Organisational support

  • Senior management direction and support
  • In line with organisational objectives
(Source: Robbins, et al (2001) Organisational behaviour: leading and managing in Australia and New Zealand (3rd edition) )

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