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A very warm welcome to you as readers of the first publication of our e-newsletter. This monthly newsletter will be published to provide you with valuable tips to assist you to ‘manage responsively’ and keep you up to date with our training and development services that can improve the ‘responsiveness skills’ of your staff – that is, skills for excellent customer service, managing difficult behaviours, supervision and leadership, coaching and mentoring and team development.

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Hoping you have a safe and enjoyable Easter break.

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The ‘grounded’ or the more ‘exotic’ - What professional development is needed?

We have found it interesting to monitor the specific kinds of training and development sought by our clients over the past 13 years of our operation as a provider of consultancy and professional development services.  Some years ago, we conducted programs such as “E.Q. - Training for Emotional Maturity” - and found few takers.  Maybe it was offered before its time, as we note that courses in emotional skill development are now being offered by others.  Perhaps still without takers ...?  And we have designed courses in “Progressive Improvement Processes” and several in the area of “Self-Managing Teams”.  These are programs which have value, certainly, but we are rarely asked to conduct them.  Perhaps too ‘exotic’?

What we have observed is that most of our clients stick to the ‘grounded’ training courses and we have conducted many of them.  What we are referring to here are the following five major groupings viz.

  • Supervision and Leadership programs;
  • Courses seeking the development of high quality customer/client service;
  • Courses that provide the skills for managers and workers to manage difficult behaviours both competently and confidently;
  • Courses in Workplace Coaching and Mentoring, and, of course;
  • Team-building training of many types.

We’ve started calling these “Skills for a Changing Workplace”, but they could just as easily be called “Grounded Skills for the Workplace” or “Practical Individual and Team Skills”.  They are “Responsiveness Skills”, in our terminology, that enable people to be appropriately responsive to their clients/customers, their colleagues and constantly changing work conditions.

To see an overview of our training and development services - click here.

Essential Skills for WorkCover Staff Handling Clients in Crisis

Some time ago, WorkCover Queensland recognised that many of the clients that their staff dealt with on a regular basis were either highly distressed or angry about the progress or outcome of their claims. It was clear that dealing with these extremely difficult clients in crisis demanded a skilled response.

Thus, during 2002 & 2003 and continuing into 2004, Responsive Management Australia has been contracted to design and deliver customised training courses for over 560 Workcover Queensland managers and frontline staff in managing clients experiencing distress or expressing hostility.

The participant response from these programs has been highly positive. Many have indicated that they felt much more confident to handle these clients, but also more aware of managing their own stress and emotional responses related to these incidents.

Read more about this project here.


A favourite saying of ours is ...

“The designated leader should not do for the group what group members can do for themselves ... If the group members can’t do it, and the designated leader can, they then, and only then, hop in to do it.”

To what extent do you agree, or disagree? If you agree, how would you translate that to the workplace?



Introducing our New Service – Benchmarks® 360º Performance Feedback

We are pleased to advise you that Responsive Management Australia now has three of its Consultants accredited to use “Benchmarks®” - a 360º Performance Management tool within our Consultancy and Training programs.

Why 360º Feedback?

This is a highly valuable service for managers and supervisors who are conscious of the need for continued development and self-awareness, and determined to go on improving their leadership performance.  Because it also gathers data around the theme “Problems that can stall a career”, it provides cautionary feedback enabling new directions to be taken, avoiding critical career and role dilemmas.

The process offers:
  • Leadership assessment and development for senior and middle managers and supervisors based on comparison with an international leadership database.

  • Opportunity to reassess and refocus your leadership practice in your organisation after receiving 360º feedback ie. feedback provided by your immediate superior (‘boss’), some of your peers, from those who report to you, and feedback from some others such as customers or others who know you well.

This permits you to review a range of perceptions as well as self-perception, thus providing a more complete picture of your leadership performance.

For more information, click here or phone (07) 3399 3134 or email info@responsivemanagement.com.au.

* Benchmarks® is a registered trademark of Center for Creative Leadership, Greensboro, USA.



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