Rapid changes in technology and organisation structures mean that the worker of today must continually re-invent their skills sets to meet new challenges.

In addition to the technical skills required, increasingly workers must have highly developed  people skills - a mix of generic skills, personal attributes and emotional intelligence. 

Both managers and workers have become aware that these people skills are absolutely essential in order to achieve high productivity and cohesive teamwork.

These skills allow appropriate and effective responses to continually changing and ever more complex work challenges ... thus we refer to them as 'Responsiveness Skills'.

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RMA Selected on Disabilities Services Queensland Learning and Organisational Services Panel

Responsive Management Australia has been selected as a preferred supplier of learning and organisational development services during the implementation of the Disability Sector Quality System (DSQS) across Queensland. The DSQS aims to assure and improve service delivery to Queenslanders with a disability.

Providers of disability services are required to establish internal management systems that support effective service delivery and demonstrate how they meet the Queensland Disability Service Standards. For more information on DSQS, visit the Disability Services Queensland website, Disability online at www.disability.qld.gov.au/quality.






Responsive Management Australia is a professional development, coaching and consultancy company specialising in developing skills for a more 'responsive' workforce through leadership development, team development and custom-designed training and coaching solutions in specialty areas such as coaching and mentoring, customer service and dealing with difficult behaviours.


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